Turtle on the Beach  
Kind of Ayurvedic Option : Wellness Package
Cost : High End
Minimum Package Duration : 3 Days
Starting Package Cost : Rs. 30,800
Proximity : Beach
Location : Kovalam

    Greenleaf certified facilities

    Boutique hotel

    Art & Sculptures

    Conferencing facilities

    Outdoor swimming pool

    Yoga & Meditation


Standing tall as a lone beauty along the renowned Eve’s beach at Kovalam Turtle on the beach celebrates art along with sophisticated luxury making it unique and special. You will find art as sculptures, wall hangings, glass walls, stone carvings, sunbathing umbrella stands, huge flower pots, etc. To be precise, an inclusive world is the way we coexist with different living beings in nature - the animals, the reptiles, the amphibians and the fishes. Vaidyasala is the brand that deals with anything and everything regarding Ayurveda within the Turtle Beah Resort. A team of highly educated and experienced doctors and trained Ayurveda practitioners are employed with Vaidyasala to give our guests the best in Ayurveda including the selection of the best from nature to be prepared as medicines. The doctors after prescribing the appropriate diet for treatments also overlook its preparation in the kitchens in group hotels and resorts.

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